Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pronoun Rainbow

Hey guys!
Here is the pronoun rainbow chart that I shared with you Tuesday. Also, Magic School Bus has videos on Adaptation and Migration. They are called All Dried Up: Desert Adaptation and Goes Upstream: Migration.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Wednesday sweet parents!
    I hope everyone had a good day yesterday. I know I did! This is our new blog page and will be updated with new information regarding our class. I would encourage everyone to subscribe to the other tutor's pages as well because they all have fantastic information that you might want to use for your week, including Rebekah's youtube playlists. We love them!
    I shared some resources with y'all yesterday that I will look up on the portal and share. I know it's hard to navigate through all the information. Please email me with any great ideas you have for review and I can post it on the blog page for everyone. We could all benefit from each other's great ideas!
    Next week's presentation is Biography of a Famous Person and the focus is Poise. Week 7 we will be reciting a famous speech from that same person from memory if possible. If you want your child to do this from memory you might want to start memorizing that speech now.  
Have a great week!